Years 4 & 5 Visit the Gardens at New Mills School

Written by Mrs Williams

To reinforce the gardening work which Mrs Broadley began with the current Year 5 class when they were in Year 4, both classes visited New Mills School on Tuesday of this week. The walk began in beautiful autumn sunshine but by the time we arrived at the secondary school, it was pouring down with rain which stayed with us for the remainder of our afternoon out of the classroom!

Craig Pickering, the Groundsman at New Mills School, kindly showed us the three different gardens that they have in the areas inside of the main school building. The children saw flowers, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. They touched and smelt mint and sage. Mr Pickering was proud to inform the children of the school’s success at the RHS Tatton Flower Show last year and showed some of the exhibits which were made especially for this occasion.

In theĀ final garden of our visit, some of the Year 4s spotted a little bug house. Mr Pickering was very interested to hear about our much larger version at New Mills Primary School. The visit has certainly inspired the children to continue caring for their edible garden and has maybe given them a few ideas for the future.

Thank you to Mrs Broadley for organising the visit and to Mr Pickering and Mrs Barker for being so welcoming. And also thanks to the children – they were all wet and cold when they arrived back at school but there was very little complaining!


  1. Klaudia y5

    Looking at the gardens was interesting. We found out what they grew

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