Year 5 & Year 6 present “Ali Baba & the Bongo Bandits”!

Written by Mrs Williams

Reception, Year 3 and Year 4 were treated to the dress rehearsal of Year 5 and Year 6’s end of year performance – “Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits” – this afternoon. The play was filled with loads of jokes, great songs, stunning costumes and many magical moments! If you are lucky enough to have a ticket for tomorrow’s¬†afternoon or evening performance, prepare to be entertained!¬†


  1. Lily y5

    It was a really funny play – I want to watch it again!!

  2. Lucy.rowland

    I loved it.

  3. Skye y6

    This was an amazing opportunity! I will always miss NMPS xx

  4. Mrs Williams (author)

    What a lovely comment, Erin. It was a great show, wasn’t it?! Mrs Williams x

  5. Erin murray y5

    I will always look back on this moment as the best day ever and when I do look back on it I’ll smile because it was super funny!

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