Year 5’s Trip to Tesco

Written by Mrs Williams

On probably the coldest day of the year so far, Year 5 took a walk along the Peak Forest Canal to Tesco Whaley Bridge. Wrapped up against the elements they saw ducks, geese, cows, horses, canal barges and trains.

Once at the store the children were shown to the staff area where they found clipboards loaded with papers containing activities. The next stop was the fresh produce aisle where the class were asked to find fruit and vegetables from different countries (UK, Brazil, South Africa and Spain). They found produce from these countries and many others, including Costa Rica, Turkey and Columbia.

The next sheet asked them to find foods of different colours – red, green, purple and yellow – before moving on to finding the cost of certain foods per kilogram.

A visit to the warehouse where there had just been a delivery came next, before a visit to the chiller – a giant fridge which was not quite as cold as the outside temperature!

On returning to the staff room, the children found some tasting plates containing carrot, cucumber, rye crackers, prunes, sunflower seeds, pitta bread and tzatziki. They had to record their thoughts about the tastes of these foods.

Deciding the taster plates were our starter, we moved on to eating our packed lunches! And a little bit of chatting time with classmates before a final visit to the bathroom and some thank yous.

With light flurries of snow falling around us we set off back to school via Goytside Farm, the llamas, a game of Poohsticks, Archie (the Archimedes screw) and the Torrs.

An enjoyable, energetic and educational day out. Excellent!

Thank you to Mrs Briggs and Mr Brown for accompanying us, and to Year 5 for being such a pleasure to take out of school.


  1. Hazel

    The fridge sounds freezing!

  2. Isla

    It was the best trip ever!!!

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