Year 5’s trip back in time

Written by Mrs Williams

Thursday 6th April 2017…or was it?

Year 5 stepped back into the 1940s on their trip to Stockport Museum and Air Raid Shelters. They all dressed as an evacuee, carried a gas mask box (which housed their ration-style lunch) and got completely into role!

From the moment they were dropped off at the train station to receive their evacuee label and National Identification Card, they played the part brilliantly. They waved to their parents left standing on the platform and chatted quietly with their friends on the journey.

At the museum they were taught how to help around the house, use the gas mask correctly and what to do in an air-raid. Having this knowledge would make them much more attractive to the family that would choose them to live with them at the town hall later on in the day. Once their knowledge was complete, they ate their ration food lunch before playing some traditional games of the time; wooden dominoes, hoopla and Happy Families.

A short walk to the Air Raid Shelters followed, where they were given a guided tour preparing them for the many nights that they would spend underground. They saw an Anderson Shelter, the Warden’s office, the toilets with newspaper for toilet paper(!) and the sick bay. To keep their spirits up, they learnt some songs and even a little dance!

Having said goodbye to the ladies who had helped them learn all their new skills, the children walked to the Town Hall ready to be billeted. One last photograph was taken to send back to everyone staying at school, before the children were ready to go and meet their new families.

At this point, Mrs Williams asked them to step back into the 21st century and we walked back to the train station to return home!

A great day with excellent behaviour from all, and a wealth of knowledge about life as a 1940s child.


  1. Charlotte

    I had so much fun. Probably the best trip ever!

  2. Elaine Topham

    Mrs Hodkinson and Mrs Grundy are delighted that you had such fabulous time! Some splendid photographs to remember your day!

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