Year 5’s Science day

Written by Mrs Williams

Year 5’s Science day for this term found them learning about Evolution and Inheritance. Within this tricky topic the children learnt about adaptive traits, inherited characteristics, the Theory of Evolution and DNA!

We looked at the ways that living things have adapted to suit their environment, matching plants and animals to their habitats and environments and then matching the traits to these.

The children sorted people using different characteristics, including hair colour, eye colour and gender. Many of the children had been sent to school with a photograph of a family member that they bear some resemblance to. These were copied and given out to the class. Their task was to see who the photographs reminded them of and match the pictures to their peers. Many of the children didn’t even know which of the photographs matched them (thank you to the parents for playing along!).

A Horrible Histories song helped us to learn a little about Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution!

Our day ended with each child making an edible model of DNA using jelly babies, cocktail sticks and strawberry pencils.


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