Year 5’s residential to Kingswood

Written by Mrs Williams

All of Year 5 spent two nights away from home recently, staying in dormitories with their classmates at the Kingswood centre, Peak Venture in Yorkshire.

Whilst there, every single child worked as part of a team, challenged themselves and tried something new. The accompanying staff (Mrs Williams, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Fisher & Miss Daley) were incredibly impressed with their attitude, manners, resilience and respect throughout their stay.

The activities on offer were the zip wire, problem solving, campfire, scrapheap challenge, 3G swing, nightline, leap of faith, archery and bouldering. Wow; what a jam-packed programme!

I’m hoping the children will write some reports about the different activities which will be published on the website soon.


  1. Ella

    Good memories

  2. Charlotte Rowe

    I loved it when I was in Y5. Y4, you’ll love it!

  3. Ella Hackney

    I loved it. Year 4 will love it when they get in to Year 5!

  4. Heidi-Mae

    I loved it Mrs Williams – thank you

  5. Olivia O

    I loved it !!!!!

  6. Luke and Oliver

    We enjoyed Kingswood

  7. Amelia kacar.

    I really liked Kingswood because the 3G swing was awesome and I wanted to stay there for a week.

  8. Tom

    We had a brilliant time – it was amazing and my favourite thing was outdoor laser .

  9. Liam

    My favourite thing was the 3G swing and the zipwire


    I realy liked Kingswood. I want to go again – it was fun.

  11. Luc Coimbra

    I absolutely loved Kingswood – it was awesome

  12. Lily and Isobel y5

    We had a brill time.
    Izzy = My favourite things were the 3G swing and Outdoor Laser.

    Lily = Golly – it was FUN; next year’s Year 5 (current Y4) will love it!

  13. Isla and Ella

    We think it was really fun. Our favourite activity was the 3G swing.

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