Year 5 visit New Mills School

Written by Mrs Williams

On Wednesday 12th July, Year 5 joined with all the other Year 5s from our local schools to spend a day experiencing the secondary school curriculum.

We began the day by setting off the fire alarm and making the whole school file out on to the tennis courts! A combination of a classroom of Bunsen burners, low ceilings and closed windows!! By the end of the lesson, the children had all created their own sparkler.

In French they were able to show off what they already know about colours in French. Computer Science allowed them to further their work on Scratch.

Resistant Materials finished with every child making a keyring having used the drill, files, sandpaper and heating acrylic plastic so they could bend it! The final lesson was Art during which they all created a picture that we can display back at school.

A fun day with lots of children looking forward to the next time they visit!


  1. Tracy Hall

    A great opportunity for Year 5 to see the “big picture” of secondary school. Alfie had a brilliant time taking part in a wide range of lessons and activities. Fab day!

  2. Charlotte

    I’m SO excited about going now! It was soooo fun!

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