Year 5 Trip to Tesco

Written by Mrs Williams

Year 5 had a new experience last Thursday when they began their school day with a walk in glorious winter sunshine along the Peak Forest Canal from New Mills to Whaley Bridge Tesco. They were greeted by staff and taken into the staff training room where tabards and clipboards awaited them.

Once they were equipped, they went out on to the shop floor and began their investigations of the produce (fruit and vegetables)┬ádepartment. Members of the public shopped around them, many enquiring about their activities. After about an hour and a half, the children were treated to a visit to the store’s warehouse and into the massive fridges…much bigger than the ones we are used to!

Lunchtime followed and then a slightly damp walk back along the canal finished the day off. The class were a credit to Mrs Williams, Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Jones who accompanied them and everybody went home having learnt something new from their experience.

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