Year 5 taste their own produce!

Written by Mrs Williams

Last year, as Year 4s, the children in Year 5 planted some seeds in the edible garden. Today, the current Year 4 children did some harvesting of the crops and pulled up varying sizes of carrots.

After giving them a good wash, the children in Year 5 discussed the vegetable, how these ones might vary from the ones we buy in the supermarket, etc and eventually got to taste them!

The majority of children found them to be delicious and sweet with many comments about the freshness of the taste. We could have eaten them all but didn’t want to appear greedy so shared the produce with the Reception children.

What a treat! I wonder what the current Year 4 children will be eating this time next year!?


  1. Rowan C

    Some carrots were tiny, even though their stems were gargantuan.

  2. Luc Coimbra

    They were yummy!

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