Year 5 taste mango!

Written by Mrs Williams

As part of their topic work Year 5 are finding out where in the world different foods that we eat are grown. On Tuesday they had a selection of foods to touch, smell, describe and, in some cases, to taste. There were some foods that they were familiar with and others that they had not seen or heard of before! On their tray they had mango, pak choi, lemongrass, ginger, chilli, fig and lime. After they had used their senses to describe the different foods and identified on a world map the countries where the foods flourish, the children learnt how to cut up a mango and finished the afternoon tasting the mango. Why don’t you ask someone in Year 5 what they thought – many of them were surprised by the taste!


  1. Klaudia y5

    I had a dream about mango that day

  2. Charlotte

    I thought it was juicy ????

  3. Hazel Ashworth

    The mango was lovely!

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