Year 5 Step Back in Time

Written by Mrs Williams

A chilly April morning began rather strangely for Year 5 today. Instead of dressing in their school uniform, they dressed as a child from the 1940s would have done. Flat caps, knee high socks, ribbons, tank tops and gas mask boxes a-plenty they didn’t meet school staff at the classroom door but at the train station. On arrival they were handed their evacuee label before bidding farewell to their parents.

A short journey to Stockport followed where they visited the Town Hall where children in the 1940s gathered to be billeted before going to live with their new families. Another short walk and the children were soon at the door of the Air-raid shelters where they were greeted by Mrs Hodkinson and Mrs Grundy. An interesting hour followed as they walked through the tunnels, visited the sick bay, lavatories and tool room.

Their next stop was the education rooms at the Stockport Museum where the children ate their ration lunches (sandwiches wrapped in greaseproof paper and fastened with string, plain biscuits, British fruit) and had the opportunity to play some traditional games.

Mrs Hodkinson and Mrs Grundy returned to train the children in dealing with life during the war; Make Do & Mend, putting on a gas mask, clothing exchanges, daily household chores and teamwork.

They then bid us goodbye and said they’d meet us at the town hall ready to be billeted. It was during our walk in that direction that the children were able to step out of role and be told they were returning home!

A great educational day for all; lots of learning, discussion and fun!

Thank you for being a pleasure to take out of school, Year 5, and thank you to Mrs Bowen and Mrs Fisher for accompanying us.


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    This was such a fun day thankyou!!!

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