Year 5 Residential!

Written by Mrs Williams

Filled with excitement, and a little apprehension, Year 5 loaded their suitcases and boarded the coach, all ready for a new adventure! What a way to start a new half term! The 45 minute journey was soon over and the coach pulled up in the car park of Peak Venture, a Kingswood activity centre. We were greeted by Ellie, our group leader, who helped us to unload our bags and then gave us a tour of the centre, inside and out! There was so much to see!

For some children the very first task (making their bed) was the biggest challenge of the few days! Once all beds were ready and rooms were sorted, we gathered on the field for a game of football rounders and a few other games before we met some more of the staff at Kingswood for our Ice Breakers activity. This involved several games designed to help us get to know each other really well and develop our cooperation and teamwork skills. Following the session, with rumbling tummies we headed to the dining hall for our tea.

Our first evening activity was a Campfire! We sang songs, told jokes, ate toasted marshmallows, sang more songs and had a lot of fun! Changed into our pyjamas, we all enjoyed a warming hot chocolate in the dining hall before bed.

The following day was jam-packed with adventure. We were split into three groups and each group enjoyed three activities before lunch and three after lunch before tea, and two more activities on the Wednesday morning! These activities were Zipwire, Problem Solving, Outdoor Laser, Nightline, 3G Swing, Team Tech, Bouldering and Archery.

The children were encouraged by the centre’s staff on every activity and they all felt that they challenged themselves and achieved things they never thought they would. Some of the reports that the children have written will be displayed in school (once the electrical work is finished!). We also used the experience in our maths work – tally charts, bar graphs and pictograms. But most of all, it is the memories that were made over those three days which I hope will stay with the children for a very long time.

My thanks go to Miss Whetstone, Mrs Fisher and our PGCE student, Miss Parker, for leaving their families for two nights to accompany me with the class. I know they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and enjoyed seeing a completely different side to the children.

Well done, Year 5! You were an absolute pleasure to be with – I am very proud of each of you.



  1. Lily Agombar

    Looks like fun I want to go ????

  2. Klaudia y5

    I want to go again

  3. Ivan Hardy-Birt

    There’s a great display on the stairs at school. You should all have a look.

  4. Lucy.rowland

    I want to go again.

  5. Charlotte

    I wish I could of stayed there longer! Lots of my friends were saying they wish it was a boarding school!

  6. Hazel Ashworth

    It was so fun, I would recommend the zipwire!

  7. Heather Wharmby

    Such a fabulous experience that they shared together and will remember forever. Thank you to you all.

  8. Sarah Heyes

    Some great photos that encapsulate what a fantastic trip this was. Lots of smiling faces! Emily had an amazing time and the 3G swing is going to be remembered by her for a long time! Thanks so much for giving year 5 such a great experience.

  9. Tracy Hall

    Wow, what fantastic photos! Alfie had the most amazing time. When he arrived home, he sat with me for half an hour and literally told me everything he had done from leaving school to arriving back at school. I absolutely loved listening to him! Many special friendships and memories were clearly made. Many, many thanks to all the staff from New Mills Primary who gave up their own time to support the children and special thanks to Mrs Williams for making it all happen. What a fabulous experience for this lovely group of children!

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