Year 5 posters decorate the town

Written by Mrs Williams

Before Christmas Year 5 were asked to produce some posters to coincide with National Consumer Week, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These have been ‘judged’, framed and now displayed around the town. Originally it was to be the ten best posters but the standard was so high that every poster submitted has been displayed. Each establishment that is displaying, has two posters in its window. Each poster has the name of the artist and a consumer message displayed alongside.

The places these are available to see until the end of the month are:

The Adult Education Centre


The Citizens Advice

Bryan’s Butchers

Gioia Mia cafe

Chic Boutique


Wright Shoes

New Mills Library

Alternative Health Centre

Sett Valley Medical Centre

Boots (near the leisure centre)


Dentist (not sure which one yet!)

There will be a map available by the end of this half term and I will upload a copy on to this post so that children and their families can look at the posters during the half term break.

Well done, Year 5 – you worked really hard on the posters and now you can be proud when you see your work on display!


  1. Mrs Williams (author)

    Beth’s is in Gioia Mia cafĂ©!

  2. Mrs Williams (author)

    Hazel and Cole’s are in the library. Shea and Alex’s are in the Town Hall. You have to go inside both these buildings to see these posters.

  3. Isabel Fletcher-Shaw

    I will have a look this weekend for them!

  4. Hazel Ashworth

    Jess and Elliot’s posters are in the butchers. I’ll have a look in the library.

  5. jessica

    In headmasters there is Ollie’s and Lizzie’s poster.

  6. Jessica

    I looked in chic boutique and there was no posters in their window.

  7. cole trulio

    Cool; I’ll look for them.

  8. Mrs Williams (author)

    Great observations, Hazel. Do you think, between us, we can find them all before we receive the map from Dawn?

  9. Hazel Ashworth

    Adam and Emily’s are in the Alternative Health Centre and Matthew and Charlotte’s are in Wright Shoes.

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