Year 5 Playground Leader Training

Written by Mrs Williams

This afternoon our Year 5 class received some specialist training from Katie at High Peak School and Sports Partnership in Playground Leadership skills. They worked in groups in the classroom discussing what makes a good leader and devising a game with minimal equipment (tennis balls, quoits, bean bags, hoops and bands).

After a planning session, they moved out into the playground to try their game out before teaching their game to another group. The skills of communication, listening, cooperation, tolerance and perseverance were all tested! Every newly invented game was given a catchy name and each group received verbal praise from their peers about how they delivered the instructions and what people thought of their game.

The afternoon finished with two of the class leading the rest in a game of Pirate Ship (with a few alternative instructions!). A fun and informative afternoon was had by all.

Many thanks to Katie Amps and to Mrs Fisher for their help and support.


  1. jessica

    This was really fun and we came up with loads of cool games.

  2. Hazel y5

    We came up with some great games!

  3. Klaudia y5

    It was very fun

  4. Charlotte

    This was really fun!!

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