Year 5 make healthy pizzas

Written by Mrs Williams

Following their new-found knowledge at the Change for Life Conference, Klaudia, Matthew and Cole in Year 5 wanted to teach the rest of their class how to make a healthy pizza using a tortilla wrap as the base.

As always, Year 5 were very receptive to new ideas and listened to their peers as keenly as they listen to adults. Once the tomato puree base was on, the children selected their toppings from a variety of ingredients – peppers, tomatoes, olives, sweetcorn, pineapple, coriander, a small amount of pepperoni and some grated cheese.

Without any suggestions, many of the class chose to make their pizzas into faces and the designs were quite spectacular!

Many thanks to Klaudia, Matthew and Cole, and to Mrs Fisher who took the three children to the conference at the beginning of the month, and also came to help with the mass pizza production!

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