Year 5 Arts Awards

Written by Mrs Williams

As always the children and staff at New Mills Primary School got involved in the Take One Picture Week. This involves taking a picture, chosen by the National Gallery in London, and using it to inspire their learning for the week. This year’s picture was “Penelope and the Suitors” by Pintoricchio.

It was a little different for Year 5 this year as they also used the Take One Picture Week to work on their Arts Award Explore; a first for our school. They kept a record of everything they did as they explored the painting, taking pride in their special Art Log Books, and including photographs as well as their sketches, research and notes.

Their final pieces included their dance inspired by the picture, a piece of weaving and the loom they made themselves and a ‘jigsaw’ of the original painting created by them.

As part of the award, the children had to present their work to someone else. We had an Open Afternoon in class and each child invited an adult to come and share their log book with them. Many invited parents and grandparents, and others asked members of school staff to come and see what they had been up to. It was a lovely atmosphere when the visitors were in and there were a lot of very smiley faces! Well done, Year 5!

Their log books have all been assessed and are now ready to be moderated… watch this space for news of successful students!


  1. Mrs Williams (author)

    The children all brought home an invitation – whose parent are you (it just says Anonymous on here!) and I’ll arrange it for you.

  2. Anonymous

    This is wonderful.. will there be an opportunity for parents to come and look? I didn’t know anything about it beforehand. Thanks

  3. Charlotte

    This was really fun!
    I especially liked the weaving. I also enjoyed showing my log book to my mum.

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