Year 5 & 6 visit the Terracotta Warriors

Written by Mrs Williams

Tuesday 6th March saw Year 5 & 6 step on to a coach bright and early ready for their trip to The World Museum in Liverpool. On arrival at the museum the classes split and began their day of learning. 

During the day they attended and participated in a workshop run by museum staff where they learnt about the ruler, Emperor Qin, his thoughts, beliefs, ideas and legacy. The staff during this session complimented the staff on the children stating that they were the most engaged, interested and well-behaved children they had ever had at the museum. The pride the staff felt was visible! Thank you, Year 5 & 6!

Both groups also had a session in the exhibition featuring seven of the Terracotta Warriors. As well as the warriors, the children saw artefacts, weapons and utensils unearthed when the Emperor’s burial site was discovered. There was so much information to take in! The replicas of the chariots and horses were amazingly detailed.

The groups also had the opportunity to look around some of the other exhibits in the museum including the dinosaurs, aquarium, bug house and Ancient Egypt.

Year 5 & 6 would advise anybody who has the opportunity to go and see the special exhibition whilst it is so close to our home. It could be more than a lifetime before these amazing figures are brought this close to New Mills again.

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