Year 5 & 6 visit the BBC

Written by Mrs Williams

Thursday 2nd November was no ordinary day for the oldest children in our school. They caught the train to Manchester followed by a tram to Media City before having lunch in the Blue Peter Garden!

There was a lot of waiting around before going into the BBC building and more waiting around once they were inside, but it was well worth it!

Once inside the studio with all the cameras, lights, technical staff and other audience members, the children were entertained by Sam and Mark, as well as other celebrities including X Factor winner, Matt Terry.

Some of the children might want to post something about their long but exciting day over the next couple of weeks so…watch this space!


  1. Charlotte Rowe

    It was amazing to see the behind-the-scenes of everything

  2. Danni

    It was SO much fun!!

  3. lucy beattie

    I really enjoyed sitting on the front row with Mrs Williams and seeing Sam and Mark in real life. I loved the Blue Peter garden.

  4. Ella

    I was sat on the front row. I enjoyed it.

  5. Liam

    The BBC was an amazing experience and I loved watching all the funny and messy games.

  6. Isla

    It was AMAZING!!! I loved it.

  7. Rowan C

    Even though I didn’t go, I hope everyone else enjoyed it.

  8. Isla and Ella

    It was really good! It was even better than good.

  9. Heidi-Mae

    This was the best day of my life. Thank You Mrs Williams

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