Year 4 perform with the Halle!!

Written by Mrs Broadley


On Tuesday, Year 4 had the most amazing opportunity to play with the Halle orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

The children have worked incredibly hard in our strings lessons on Mondays to learn four different pieces (two orchestral and two vocal). After an early start, we arrived at the Bridgewater Hall in time to have a quick rehearsal with schools from all over the North West before the orchestra arrived on stage and played several well known pieces. We then joined in performing our pieces before some more music from the Halle – including a very dramatic Tchaikovsky finale!

The trip has not only helped to inspire our budding musicians, but also links with our science topic this term. We are learning all about sound, and what better than a first hand experience of a world class concert hall, designed purely for acoustic purposes?!

It was clear to see that the children all thoroughly enjoyed the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to play with a world famous orchestra! Their behaviour was exceptional and as always it was a pleasure to take them on a trip and have them represent the school. We are all very proud of them and hope they will remember the trip for years to come. Thank you to all parents for getting the children to the Co-op on time for the early start!!

The children will be writing about their experiences in school tomorrow – so watch this space for more details of the trip in their own words!

Links to a couple of videos!: IMG_1566 IMG_1563


  1. Luc Coimbra

    One of the best days ever!

  2. Charlotte

    Wow! It sounds like they had a very good time!

  3. olivia.o

    This was such a fun day !!!!!

  4. Mrs Broadley

    Quotes from writing today:
    Cameron: ‘There was a buzz of excitement on the coach’
    ‘When we walked in there was a brief moment of silence as everyone took in the amazing, modern, beautiful building that is the Bridgewayer Hall’

    Grace ‘I felt shocked when I first saw the Bridgewater Hall, it is a stunning building to be in.’

    Liam: ‘My booking was very dark and dusty, but the orchestra’s were bright red and shiny.’

    Olivia B: ‘ I was literally speechless, it was just beautiful! Like a unicorn that’s been rolled in fairy dust!’

    Elsie: ‘It was magnificent. Glass covered the building like a see-through blanket’

    Isla: ‘It was the best day ever!!!’

    Isobel : ‘I was sad to go home, the Halle trip had been brilliant!’

    Luca: ‘Then the Halle played. It was amazing!’

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