Year 4 Clarinet Concert and Violin & Viola Concert

Written by Mrs Williams

The whole of New Mills Primary were treated to a music concert on Friday morning. Year 4 class shared their musical abilities with us showing what they have learnt in their year of┬áplaying the clarinet – we were all really impressed. The children who learn violin and viola with Catherine Porter also performed, showing what they have been working on recently. We had soloists, duets and various sized groups all playing confidently and impressively!


  1. Klaudia y5

    It was really fun. I wish I was still playing the clarinet.

  2. Charlotte

    I had fun. I would of never played an instrument!

  3. Elliot

    I enjoyed playing in the concert and am glad to be carrying on with clarinet next year

  4. Danni Lidierth

    I enjoyed the concert

  5. Erin murray

    I really enjoyed playing my violin and watching the Y4’s concert. Well done, Y4.

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