Year 3 & 4 Benchball competition

Written by Mrs Williams

Wednesday 20th January saw the first inter-school sports competition of the new year. Sixteen Year 3 and 4 pupils went to the leisure centre with Mrs Fisher to compete in the Benchball competition against Hayfield, Newtown, St George’s and Thornsett. Our two tema splayed brilliantly with one team winning all their games and the other team winning two and drawing one.

In the final, the game was played to a set time and it was decided that the winner would be the team with the most players on the bench after ten minutes of play. In the last 30 seconds of the game, Thornsett gained their fourth member on the bench and victory was theirs!

So, we came second and third over all – a very commendable afternoon. Both teams played brilliantly with super team work and amazing tactics.


  1. Danni Lidierth

    I really enjoyed the bench ball

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