Whole School Maths Puzzle Day

Written by Mrs Broadley

On Monday, all of the children at NMPS were able to put their problem solving skills to the test at our Maths puzzle day.

Children worked in small groups to solve a variety of puzzles which were designed to develop their reasoning skills as well as encourage the use of mathematical vocabulary and teamwork.

Tim, our instructor, commented on how impressed he was with everybody’s attitudes to the puzzles – everyone was willing to give it a go, no matter how challenging! All staff were very proud to see our children working so well with each other, discussing their thoughts using mathematical language and listening carefully to everybody’s ideas. Well done everyone!

Here are what some of the children said about the day.

Maxi, Stan and Josh in Year 1: I liked the shapes activity because I enjoyed building them in the right order (Josh). I loved building the bricks, it was so spectacular (Maxi). I learned that solving puzzles needs more than one person to get done! (Stan).

Joseph in Year 2: “I enjoyed the puzzle day, it was fantastic. My favourite part was where you had to copy a pattern using bricks. It was a bit tricky but we managed it by teamwork.”

George, Harrison, Harry and Theo in Year 3: “We liked doing the puzzle with the prince and princess, the tower building blocks, the horseshoe because it was very challenging and the jigsaw as Mrs Shepley helped us!”

Isobel, Liam and Alex in Year 4: “Our favourite parts were making the puzzle inside another puzzle and moving the prince to the princess.”

Hazel and Emily in Year 5: “It was very challenging but we enjoyed it. There were lots of different puzzles.”

Erin in Year 6: “The puzzles were puzzling. The confidence was courageous and the team work was tremendous. I also helped the little ones and they helped me – the puzzle day was as fun as can be!”


  1. Mrs Williams

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Erin. I thought it was great to see people working together. I particularly loved watching children’s faces when they realised they had been successful at a certain puzzle. Well done, everyone!

  2. Erin

    I really enjoyed puzzle day and it was my first one

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