Travelling Science Show

Written by Mrs Arnfield

On Tuesday 27th June, NMPS were lucky to experience a travelling science show, which included a variety of experiments, demonstrations and lots of audience participation! The children were greatly enthused and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Key Stage One developed their enquiry skills during their working scientifically show. This allowed the children the opportunity to predict, test, measure and classify, using all of their senses in a wide range of experiments. Adrian, the leader, said that the children were very attentive and listened well for the whole show and they asked some great questions. During a coke/mints experiment they asked: Will it make a bigger fizz if you put 5 pints in?

The Key Stage Two show; Light and Sound presentation was a great success. The children’s contributions were excellent. It was lovely to see them share their knowledge and get so involved! This session allowed the children to further develop their understanding of how light travels, shadow formation and how we see colours. The sound section focused on how vibrations make sound and whether it can travel through water, wood and metal. The children particularly enjoyed the loudness and pitch demonstrations. Adrian said,” Key Stage Two asked some interesting and tricky questions, such as: Why, when you press a switch doesn’t the light come on straight away? and, Why do you still see light when you close your eyes?”

It was an enjoyable day of science for all. Adrian, the presenter was extremely impressed with the children’s scientific questions and their responses to his questions. They were keen to contribute throughout the day.

This is what some of the children said about the day:

Reception/Mrs Hambleton: “We thought it was very exciting!”

Zach/Kiyaana (Y1): “ I never knew such big rulers existed!”

“I didn’t know that if you put mints in cola it would explode!”

Lucy/Mia (Y2): “We loved the diet coke experiment!”

Maisie/Harry (Y3):“ I liked it when he shone the light and the bubbles turned into a rainbow.”

“I loved the straws and the sounds they made.”

Isla/Tom (Y4): “I really enjoyed the show because it was really interesting learning about light and sound.”

“I really enjoyed it, it was super fun!”

Jess (Y5): “I really enjoyed it and hope everyone can reflect on it in the future.”

Poppy/Ethan (Y6): “I found the way he explained things very clear and he did it in a fun way. I learnt that sound travels through everything, except space because there is no oxygen in space.”

“At the science show I learned that sound and vibrations travel through wood and metal. I really enjoyed it!”


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