The Great Science Share at the Etihad Academy

Written by Mrs Williams

On Wednesday 5th July eight Year 5 children joined Mrs Arnfield and Mrs Williams on a train journey to a new destination! After a picnic lunch, we arrived at the Etihad Academy with hundreds of other excited pupils from schools all across the north west for the Great Science Share 2017.

We set up our table with French flag bunting and tablecloth before listening to the opening speech by the Mayor of Manchester. Then the fun began.

Four of us walked around the building looking at lots of the other schools’ experiments and activities and the other four stayed at our table to help children from other schools build a part of the Eiffel Tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Then we swapped!

Our finished Eiffel Towers weren’t as tall as we’d hoped but everyone had lots of fun trying (and munching on the marshmallows!).

The children went to listen to the closing ceremony whilst the two teachers picked up all the broken spaghetti off the astro turf – not an easy task!

If we go again next year, we need a tidier experiment!

Science is so exciting – we can certainly vouch for that!


  1. Charlotte

    Wow! It sounds and looks super cool!

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