Tesco Farm to Fork Trail

Written by Mrs Williams

On a bright but very cold morning, Year 5 set off on a different sort of school trip. They walked along the towpath of the Peak Forest Canal from Newtown to Whaley Bridge Tesco store. On the way they fed the ducks, spotted robins, geese, horse, cows, sheep and countless barges!

Once at the store, they were greeted by staff who took them through the “Staff Only” door! Next came the opportunity to explore the produce aisle, finding fruit and vegetables from different counties of the UK and different countries of the world. The children will certainly see a different side to shopping from now on.

Another “Staff Only” entrance followed – this time through to the warehouse where the stock is stored before it is put on the shelves. Our leaders then took us into the giant fridge where the fresh produce is stored before it goes on to the shop floor. We were unsure whether the fridge was colder than the air temperature outside during our morning walk!

After lunch, toilets and thank yous, we set off back along the canal. Mrs Williams gave a strange instruction; to pick up a stick before we came off the towpath and made our way down towards the river.

A game of Poohsticks on the bridge followed – great fun was had by all! Next came the llama! It is amazing what New Mills has to offer us…all on our doorstep! A brief look at the Archimedes screw (which wasn’t turning) before coming up the steps next to the heritage centre and returning to school.

An interesting and enjoyable day during which the children got lots of fresh air, exercise and learnt a lot about where some of their food originates from!

A huge thank you to Miss Parker, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Heyes for accompanying us – we hope you enjoyed it as much as the children! 


  1. Isabel Fletcher-Shaw

    I loved this trip so much and learnt a lot, thankyou for taking us Mrs Williams.

  2. jessica

    IT WAS EPIC!!!!!! I loved the trip but the walk was so freezing, even colder then going in the massive fridge!

  3. Gina Parker

    Elliot loved this trip and now likes to report to us where everything comes from!!

  4. Michaela Davies


  5. Charlotte

    It was FUN!!!! ????

  6. Tracy Hall

    What a fantastic trip! Alfie didn’t stop talking for at least half an hour about everything he’d done. Gaining access to “staff only” areas and the fridge was a huge thrill for him! His knowledge about the origins of loads of fruit and veg was brilliant. Poohsticks obviously went down well. Thanks so much Mrs Williams and all those who helped to walk with the children!!

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