Terrific Scientifically

Written by Mrs Williams

On Tuesday 24th January, Year 5 took part in a science investigation which will contribute to a nationwide investigation run by the BBC, culminating in a Live Lesson next Tuesday (31st January). It is all very exciting.

The children had to follow clear and specific instructions, working in groups of three. They began by taking it in turns to paint the front third of each other’s tongue with natural blue food dye. They then took a piece of card with a hole punched in it and pressed the hole over the tongue. Now for the tricky bit!

They had to count the pink fungiform papillae! These are the small pink spots on the tongue. To be sure they were being properly scientific, they each counted twice and then took an average of the four totals. From this data, we can label each member of our class as a non-taster, a taster or a super-taster. Apparently 25% of the population are non-tasters, 50% are tasters and 25% are super-tasters.

Our results show that Year 5 do not fit this pattern exactly – we had many more super-tasters than we expected. Our results will be sent to the BBC ready for next week’s Live Lesson. Watch this space…if we appear on the programme, we will let you know!

Tuesday 31st January – Live Lesson.

Year 5 settled down to watch the live broadcast this morning presented by Barney Harwood and Hacker! We found out that our results matched with those of all the other schools who had sent in their findings. There seem to be more “super tasters” amongst the children of the country, than what experts say is the national average! Accurate results or not, we had great fun carrying out the experiment and learning about all things to do with taste.

Watch out for the next exciting live lesson – all about WATER next time!

Well done, Year 5. Your enthusiasm and concentration was brilliant.


  1. jessica

    I loved the experiment and the food dye tasted amazing – like candy floss!

  2. Charlotte

    I think it taste nice!

  3. Hazel Ashworth

    The dye tasted horrible!

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