Take One Picture

Written by Mrs Williams

The whole of New Mills Primary School have been focusing on one painting, “A Roman Triumph” by Peter Paul Rubens, this week. The children take inspiration from the painting and pick out different aspects that they want to look at more closely. These aspects then develop into activities which cover all areas of the curriculum.

In Year 5 & 6, the pupils were drawn to the fire, the elephants, their rugs and their headdresses in the foreground, and the structure of the temple in the background. Year 5 tried their hand at rag-rugging, with each child making a section and then sewing them together for our school elephant to model! They also did some watercolour still-life paintings of an arrangement of fruit and some leaflets about elephants suitable for younger children in the school to read.

Year 6 worked in groups and used just newspaper to build structures – testing them for strength and durability.

On Wednesday morning Year 5 & 6 worked together on four different activities – Mrs Fisher did some PE in the hall, including combat games which went down a treat, Mrs Arnfield did some DT work using wooden spindles and a variety of other equipment to recreate the staffs with fire on the top that are in the background of the painting, Mrs Jones took the children through a step-by-step drawing of an elephant and Mrs Williams took the children into the woodland to build fires. Every child had the opportunity to build a fire, light it using a flint and steel and toast a marshmallow. The smell of smoke lingered around the top end of the school for the rest of the day!!

Keep your eye on this page to find out what the other classes have been up to…

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