Written by Isla Howe

On the 27th of November it was our last day of swimming until the New Year. We played a game called Santa’s sleigh. Someone pretended to be Santa and they sat on the sleigh (which was a big float) and they had some reindeer who were in front of them (this was the rest of the group). Santa had to get the presents floating on the top of the pool (they were actually little mini funny shaped floats). Santa had to get the presents into the identical pairs and only Santa could get the presents – it was so frustrating but fun at the same time! Once they had got the identical pair of presents they had to lead Santa to the wall and put their presents down. At the end the instructors counted theĀ  pairs of presents. My group did not win but we had fun. Like people say it’s not always about the winning; it’s about the taking part. Next we had free play – all of the Year 5s just pushed each other off the floats. Then we all heard three whistles and that meant we had to get out and stand beside the wall because someone might of been drowning but nobody was; it was just a practice. The instructors said it was our quickest time. It was fun! Thank you, Mrs Fisher.


  1. jack y4

    I hope Y5 did good swimming

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