Written by Ruby Santana

The 27th November was our last swimming lesson of 2017. It was a fun week and we got to play with floats and noodles. We played a game called Santa’s sleigh. One person was Santa and sat on the sleigh (the massive float) and everyone else were reindeers. The reindeers had noodles and we all got in a line and linked noodles like reins. Then we had mini floats with different pictures. We had to guide Santa to the presents but only Santa could pick them up. It was quite tricky. After that we had free play and we could do whatever we wanted and we were all pushing each other off the floats. At the end there were three whistles and that means you have to get out of the water quickly because someone could be drowning but this time it was only a drill. They said we were very very quick at getting out of the water. I really enjoyed going swimming – thank you, Mrs Fisher.


  1. isla

    I kept on falling off the sleigh as Santa! You were a good reindeer, Ruby!

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