Sports hall Athletics Competition

Written by Mrs Williams

On Wednesday 9th March 2016, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Jones took a team of 18 (9 boys and 9 girls)¬†Year 5 & 6 children to New Mills Leisure Centre to compete in Track and Field events against five other New Mills schools (Thornsett, St Mary’s, Hague Bar, Hayfield and St George’s).

Our team was Joel Boyes, Daniel Beattie, Jack Catterall, Oscar Ash, Kit Maddox, Ethan Campbell-Powell, Nathan Raynor, Alex Capraro, Kacper Przytocki, Alex Ignotus, Evie Proctor, Amy Race, Suzi Edwards, Mia Higginbotham, Emma Beattie, Sarah Kennedy, Freya Bates and Isobel Lewis.

The team of boys came second, just one point behind Hayfield. The girls also came second to Hayfield which resulted in New Mills Primary coming second overall, with Hayfield being the winners and St George’s coming third. It was a great event with all the children putting in some excellent performances. The children should be especially proud of the way they supported each other throughout the event and how they listened to the instructions and took responsibility for their own performances.


  1. Mrs Fisher

    I was really proud of how the children behaved during the event and how they supported each other – I think we were definitely the noisiest team in terms of cheering!!

  2. kacper przytocki

    It was a really good day

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