Written by Lily Agombar

Hi guys, today’s blog is about snorkelling!
This is a fun sport and is a great way to learn about fish and their habitats. While I was swimming I saw:

* Big Huge Massive Giant Trevallys
* Flat fish
* Angel fish

* Eels
* Blue starfish
* Millions and Millions of sea cucumbers
* Pipe fish
* Giant Clams
* And lots which I don’t know the name of!

The sea is a huge place but our reef was so so so small compared to the big master ocean ????. Some of the reef was dead and regrowing to lovely colourful coral. It died a few years ago when the sea got too hot. In a kayak that came with the house we explored other islands and named them too.

DID YOU KNOW? Sun burn is damaged skin!

Thanks for reading another of my blogs


  1. Heidi-Mae

    It sounds fun, Lily. I wish I could be there with you.

  2. Olivia O

    Wwow this sounds so interesting, Lily – can’t wait to have you back at school! Hope you’re enjoying it!!!!

  3. Isla

    I love snorkeling. I wish we lived near the seaside.

  4. Rachel Bulman

    Awesome blog! Sounds like you had great fun! Wish I could have been there to see it all with you!!

  5. Miss Whetstone

    Thank you Lily. Another fascinating blog! I watched a programme about coral reefs at the weekend. I look forward to hearing all about them from you and Robin. Miss Whetstone

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