Sculpture park

Written by Lily Agombar

Friday 5th October saw the whole school come together to show their week’s work involving recycled plastic. New Mills Primary School’s first ever Sculpture Park was themed around the Ocean’s plight. All pupils from Reception to Year 6 did their part to help make our fantastic park. Parents and friends of the school visited on Friday afternoon, offering donations to wander through the outdoor display. They could also buy little maps to show them which way to walk through the park and where the different sculptures were. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 made big class sculptures. Year 3 and 4 made little sculptures which were put together to make bigger sculptures. Year 5 and 6 worked in groups and designed and made sculptures of various sizes. The money raised will go to the school ????!


  1. rowan

    the sculpture park was an amazing idea.

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