Science Day – 7th December

Written by Mrs Williams

Wednesday 7th December saw the second Science Day of the year in Key Stage 2.

Year 6 spent the day investigating dissolving, separating and filtering.

Year 5 spent the day learning about different forces.

Year 4 spent the day learning about electricity.

Year 4 began their Science work on electricity with a trip to Manchester Science and Industry Museum on Tuesday 6th December. The workshop was very informative and thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and staff. Mrs Broadley and Mrs Plant were very proud of the children – they displayed perfect behaviour during the whole day but were particularly sensible on the busy trains and buses.

Year 5 had a whole day learning about forces – they learnt words such as gravity, force, air resistance, friction and many other scientific vocabulary! After an initial explanation of some of the scientific terms and examples of these in action, the children carried out an air resistance experiment on the top playground. To begin with they had to run across the playground as quickly as they could. Then they repeated this but carrying a large flat object in front of them, for example, a large piece of paper or a large plastic lid. They were investigating the effect of air resistance on the speed that they could run. The photographs show how tricky this was!

The afternoon (after a delicious Christmas lunch) was spent investigating friction. The children had toy cars and ramps! The ramps had different coverings – one was just wood, another had hessian on it, another had bubble wrap, a fourth was covered in tin foil and the final one had a coating of corrugated card. The children were investigating the effect of friction on the speed that the cars travelled down the ramps.

They learnt all about fair tests, variables, constants, controls and predictions. Wow – what scientific vocabulary!

On Thursday morning, they wrote about the experiments using even more scientific vocabulary and demonstrating their great understanding of the day – very well done, Year 5!

Year 6 began on Tuesday afternoon with an introduction about Properties and Changes of Materials. They described a variety of materials using scientific vocabulary and created a personal glossary of relevant terminology which they used throughout the Science Day, even when eating their Christmas Lunch!!

Wednesday began with a test of properties for flexibility, transparency, permeability and magnetism. Then they predicted whether certain solids would dissolve in water – more scientific vocabulary – soluble and insoluble. Working in groups the children planned and conducted an experiment, ensuring they had a full understanding of a fair test.

The groups investigated a variety of questions from the effect of time to temperature. After carrying out the experiment they tried to ensure an accurate result by performing the experiment three times and then finding the mean average of results. The children recorded and analysed their results in an evaluation lesson on Thursday morning.

Another excellent Science Day in Key Stage Two.



  1. Klaudia y5

    The science day was sooo fun

  2. Hazel Ashworth

    I’d like to learn about forces.

  3. Beth warhurst

    Sounds fun

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