Science Day

Written by Mrs Williams

Thursday 21st September saw the first Science Day of the year in Year 4, 5 and 6. The children spent the whole day immersed in scientific language, investigations, conclusions and enquiries.

Year 4 were learning all about states of matter, Year 5 were studying the Solar System and Year 6 were learning about the heart and the effects of exercise on their bodies.

Year 5’s investigations included using sheets of toilet paper to learn how far each planet is from the Sun! Each sheet represented 50,000,000km. Using the bench in the hall, we had toilet paper stretched all the way to the Jungle Room door and beyond to show how far away Neptune is!

Back in the classroom, a solar system of fruit helped them to understand the sizes of the planets in relation to each other. Earth was a cherry tomato and Jupiter was a watermelon. Can you guess which planet was a peppercorn, a lime, an apple, a grapefruit, a blueberry and a pea?

The children all enjoyed their Science Day – did they remember to share their learning with you at home?

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