School Council End of Year Report to Governors

Written by Mrs Williams

The School Council presented their end of year report to the Governing Board this evening in a different way – a poem! You can read it below…

Our year began in November
With an assembly for Key Stage 2.
Each child was given a form
To complete if they wanted to.

The applications came in, thick and fast
Stating why each one should be
The representative for their year
With slogans like; “Vote Me!”

A presentation to their class was next
Sharing all they’d do
Before a secret ballot
With not just one vote; two.

Vote for one boy and one girl
Mark your choice with a cross
Then post your voting form
Into the special ballot box.

Eight members successfully voted
Just two more to add to the mix
Teacher’s choice members
For Year Five and Six.

Our meetings all have an agenda
Which we set at the meeting before
We meet each Friday lunchtime
In Year 5 classroom; not Year 4!

One person is the secretary
Another one is Chair
We rotate this each week
Just so we know that it’s fair.

Our School Council board
In the entrance corridor
Displays all our photos
And an awful lot more.

You’ll see all our agendas
The minutes are there too.
And our progress boards
To name but a few.

These show what we’re up to
With pictures that move!
To show how near to completion.
Check it out; get in the groove!

We decided to raise funds
For a school ‘Lego Day’
You begin with an empty room
Then build, build away!

Our stall at the Christmas Fair
Started off our account
Surprise presents for family
Made us £135 to count.

Another £32 at Easter time
With egg decorating
Have a look at the display
Entries were amazing.

We wrote our constitution
Which states all about
Who we are, what we do
In case there’s any doubt.

In June we welcomed new members
Year Two’s from Key Stage One
They voted just like Key Stage Two
To discover who had won.

Our biggest news just has to be
Our trip last month, in June
We visited the capital
Arriving there by noon.

We had a tour and workshop
At Westminster you see
And learnt so many things
You don’t see on TV!

Our day was packed with sightseeing
We walked for miles and miles
We saw the Take One Picture
And we always wore our smiles!

The London Eye, the River Thames,
The tower that holds Big Ben,
The Houses of Parliament
Buckingham Palace and, of course, Number 10!

That’s our year in a nutshell
We hope you’ll agree
It’s been fun-filled and fun-packed
Like we’d hoped it would be.

If you’d like to see the lego,
It’s the 19th of July
Why not call and take a look
Go on; don’t be shy.

We’d like to finish now
So your meeting can go on
Or do you have a question?
Or maybe more than one?





  1. Charlotte

    Really good poem!

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