Rocket Science

Written by Mrs Williams
Children in Years 3 – 6 have been taking part in a special experiment organised by the European Space Agency and Tim Peake. We, along with nearly 10,000 other schools received two packets of rocket seeds, one red and one blue.
One of these packets of seeds spent 6 months in space, looked after by Tim Peake, but we had no idea which ones!! We had to carefully plant the seeds and take careful and detailed measurements to record different aspects of their growth.
We then entered this data onto the ESA website and it is now being used by scientists to determine the effect on time in space on the way plants grow – this information will be vital for future space missions, especially to Mars!
We then found out from Tim himself which packet of seeds went to space – it was the blue packet! Did you guess correctly?!
The children involved in the experiment had to be very responsible and Mrs Broadley was very impressed with their hard work and dedication – well done Rocket Scientists!!

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