Playground leaders!

Written by Ruby Santana

In Year 5 we have all received Playground Leader training. We are all in groups and two groups are selected each week – one for Key Stage One and one for Key Stage Two. We do playground leaders every week on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Last week it was me (Ruby) Nell and Eli’s turn we did Key Stage One and we all LOVED it. We wore bibs and caps and we gave out stickers. We played lots of games like catch, tig and name games. We chased them and they screamed. They were trying to take our caps off and it was really funny because they couldn’t reach them and they wouldn’t let us go when it was time to go back to class. It was really fun to go back to the infants.



  1. Mrs Fisher

    So glad that you enjoyed being a Playground Leader. The younger children really benefit from having older ones to play with. Well done!

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