Sports Report 2017 – 2018

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  • New Mills Primary School have taken part in 40 External Sports events this year in over 20 different sports including Cyclocross, Football, Boccia, Swimming, Athletics and Tennis
  • 99% of children in the school have been to at least one external sports event. The 1% being illness absences
  • 100% of children in KS2 have represented their school in at least one external sports event.
  • Children in KS2 have participated in on average 5 sports events throughout the year
  • We have achieved a School Games GOLD Award for the second year in a row
  • We have won the New Mills Area events for Cross Country, Benchball, Football, Rounders and Athletics
  • In the High Peak area we have won two second places at Mapquest, a third place at Cyclocross, a second place in Netball, a joint first at Cheerfest and a second place in Cross Country. We have also come 3rd in the Quadkid Athletics finals against some of the toughest competition in the county
  • We have won Spirit of the Games awards in Gymnastics and Netball
  • For the second year in a row we have won a place at the County Finals for Mini Tennis

Alongside competitive school sport we there have been a range of other activities for the children to participate in

  • Year 1 Mini Triathlon
  • Sport Relief ‘athon’ week
  • Year 6 Kinder Walk
  • Whole school Mapquest Sports Day
  • Daily Mile for the whole school and Dice Challenge
  • Lunch Time Clubs
  • After School Clubs
  • Training session for PEGS KS1
  • Midday Supervisor Training
  • Classroom based PE lessons on School Games Values
  • Written a PE, Sport and Physical Activity Action Plan

We have also rewritten our PE Curriculum to provide a better range of activities and a bigger focus on core skills, OAA and Core Gymnastics


  • The weather!
  • Daily Mile – motivation
  • The balance between participation and being competitive at external sports events
  • PE Kits and children’s footwear
  • Permission slips
  • Budget

Why do our children enjoy taking part in School Sport?

“I like them because they are good and fun to do and I like sport”

“I love them, they are my favourite thing in the school”

“You get to skip lessons and go out of school to do sport”

“Fun because there is a lot of competition”

“If you have never done the sport before and you go to that event, it might get you into that sport”

“There is a big variety, good for everyone”

“It includes everyone and everyone has a chance”

A summary of our Targets for 2018/19

  • Swimming – early intervention
  • Playground Leaders
  • Girls ball skills and Athletics
  • KS1 Playground
  • Continue to develop PE lessons with learning objective based sessions which focus on core skills
  • Cycling core standard
  • Establish better links with New Mills Tennis Club and other sports clubs
  • Relaunch Daily Mile for KS2
  • Audit after school club provision

Download our action plan.