Pupil Premium Funding 2016 – 2017

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The government provides additional funding to all Local Authority schools to support and accelerate the learning of pupils that receive free school dinners; this is call the Pupil Premium funding. Pupil Premium funding must be used in school to raise attainment of disadvantaged pupils and to close the gap between them and their peers.

At New Mills Primary School we spend all of this funding on additional teaching and teaching assistant staff to ensure that all children make the very best progress in English and Maths as possible. The class teachers work closely with their additional colleagues to develop support packages in English and Maths for children working individually with the teachers (1:1) or for activities that they lead in small groups.

At NMPS we know that the funding is really helping everyone achieve their full potential. I am delighted to report that the vast majority of children receiving Free School dinners in our school made good or very good progress in English and Maths last year in all year groups. As a result of the additional funding the oldest children left our school in Y6 as confident and positive learners.

The Pupil Premium grant for 2016-17 is £44,880 and this year the school have targeted the grant to the following areas.

We allocated funds in the following areas to support pupils:

  • 1:1 teaching support from Teaching Assistants. This can be daily reading support, 1:1 additional phonics catch-up time, 1:1 additional writing sessions, meet and greet sessions and play time/lunch time support.Nurture support. This is a focused 12 week TA led programme that includes Positive Play opportunities and additional pupil/parent meetings.
  • Small group intervention programmes. Trained Teachers and TAs lead the Read Write Inc phonics programme and the Fresh Start programme for target pupils.
  • Additional TA support is allocated to Maths groups in classes to accelerate achievement for target pupils. Some TA staff support the Basic Maths Skills programme in KS2.
  • Additional TA support allocated to Literacy lessons to support the school spelling programme, handwriting and
  • Additional Teaching Assistant hours are used to lead sessions to develop pupil’s self-esteem and self-confidence for target pupils. There are additional trips out or school for local walks, visits to the library and shops, orienteering and Forest schools activities.

Our aim is to provide enrichment activities for disadvantaged pupils and some of these include the following:

  • After school sports opportunities
  • Theatre visits
  • Additional school trips
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • Forest schools experiences
  • We hope to further develop the transition programme for our children moving to New Mills Secondary School; a project jointly planned between our two schools to ensure continuity of teaching from KS2 into KS3. (This project requires additional external funding; we are awaiting approval of this money.)
  • Participation in class music (Y4)

Impact of 2015-16 PP spending

Key Stage 1/2 2015-16

Funding was spent on assessing the individul needs of disadvantaged children and providing a range of different intervention programmes to help meet their needs. It can be seen from our tracking system{I- Track} that the majority of PP children made expected progress in English and maths in all year groups. Attainment of PP children in Key Stage 2 was above national average in reading and writing and slightly below in maths. Attainment of PP children in Key Stage 1 was below national averages. Monitoring and focussed support of this small number of children is a priotity.

Strengths in use of PP that will continue into 2016-17

  • Teaching of phonics throughout KS1 and additional support for target groups in KS2
  • Small group maths teaching and some 1:1 support
  • Wider opportunities/additional experiences for target pupils

Areas for development over next academic year

Our aim is to continue supporting the programmes outlined above into 207-18 and to further increase Teaching Assistant hours in the future if funding increases. We will be working with partner schools (PEGS) around targeting disadvantaged pupils through our involvement with Achievement for All. Key areas of work here will be developing pupil voice, enjoyment of Science and support for High Achievers.

Pupil Premium funding for next year (2017-18) at NMPS is £46780

You can find our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement here.

Last years report is also available.