Pupil Premium Funding 2014 – 2015

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The government provides additional funding to all Local Authority schools to support and accelerate the learning of pupils that receive free school dinners; this is call the Pupil Premium funding.

At New Mills Primary School we spend all of this funding on additional teaching and teaching assistant staff; this ensures that all children in receipt of the Pupil Premium funding make the very best progress in English and Maths. The class teachers work closely with their additional colleagues to develop packages of work in English and Maths for children working individually with the teachers (1:1) or for activities that they lead in small groups.

At NMPS we know that the funding is really helping everyone achieve their full potential. I am delighted to report that the vast majority of children receiving Free School dinners in our school made good or very good progress in English and Maths last year in all year groups. As a result of the additional funding the oldest children left our school in Y6 as confident and positive learners. Most of our children move onto New Mills Secondary School where they are supported by the same 1:1 teacher in Y7 as in Y6; we know that this really helps our pupils begin secondary education with great confidence.

The Pupil Premium grant for 2014-15 is £44000

The governors have targeted the grant to the following areas.

  • 1:1 teaching sessions in Y4/5/6
  • Additional Teaching Assistant hours supporting in Reception, Y1/2/3 (for English and Maths) and English in Y4.
  • Additional Teaching Assistant hours leading the Numbers Count Maths support programme for KS1 children.
  • Funding to support residential visits and school trips.

We aim to continue supporting the programmes outlined above and to further increase Teaching Assistant hours in the future and when funding increases.

We will further develop the transition programme for our children moving to New Mills Secondary School; a project jointly funded between our two schools ensuring continuity of teaching from KS2 into KS3.

Pupil Premium data; achievement and progress of pupils in receipt of additional Pupil Premium funding at NMPS 2013-2014
(Evidence of progress for PP pupils: Data taken from DfE source (Raise on Line) for pupils 2013-2014)
Y1 phonics screening: 87% of FSM pupils at NMPS achieved the pass mark compared with 78% nationally
End of KS1 (Y2) Teacher Assessments: In Reading and Writing FSM pupils were assessed as achieving Average Point Scores very slightly below national averages (1.0 points) and slightly below in Maths (2.0 points).

End KS2 (Y6) SATs tests: In Reading 89% of FSM pupils achieved L4+ compared with 78 % nationally
In Writing 67% of FSM pupils achieved L4+ compared with 76% nationally
In Maths 100% of FSM pupils achieved L4+ compared with 82% national

Progress data from KS1-KS2 for Y6 2013-14 (this is measured as ‘value added’):
In Reading the value added score was 103.8 for FSM compared with 99.7 nationally (this is noted as significant progress by DfE)
In Writing the value added score was 99.4 for FSM pupils compared with99.8 nationally
In Maths the value added score was 102.2 for FSM pupils compared with 99.7 nationally (this is noted as significant progress by DfE)