Bridge Challenge

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The challenge is entirely optional and has been put together to give families a reason to go for a walk when the weather is a bit grim as it often is at this time of year. We would love the challenge to be ‘child led’ – please involve your child in the route planning and map reading, these are great life skills for them to learn. At every bridge, there will be a number to find based on a clue. All the numbers added together will give you the ‘Magic Number’

Due to COVID restrictions we have selected bridges which are considered to be local. Please only take part in the challenge with members of your household.  Please keep to Public Rights of Way, take all litter home and close all gates behind you. Many of the bridges are around rivers and streams – please supervise your child at all times when around bodies of water and roads.

A certificate will be awarded to all children who visit at least one bridge. Silver medals will be awarded for children who visit more than 10 bridges and a Gold medal will be awarded to any children who visit all 21 bridges and find the ‘Magic Number’. As with the Trig Point Challenge, children are encouraged to make a scrap book of their walks or bike rides – we would love to see these at school!

Please send photos to You can submit photos any time during the challenge as we would love to upload them to the school Twitter account @newmillsprimary