Our Trip to MoSI by Ryan

Written by Mrs Broadley

We all walked to the giant wide New Town train station. Five minutes later we caught the train to Piccadilly.

It was a busy train, so we were all split up. Half an hour later we arrived at Piccadilly train station, then we got a tram to Deansgate. After a while of walking we arrived at the Museum of Science and Industry. We hung our bags up then went to Circuit City.

We learned that a dynamo is a machine that can be powered by a big wheel and a small dynamo can be powered by a bike wheel. We tested a radio hat and a giant hairdryer, then we put a muscle belt on Mrs Broadley and she got an electric shock.

Later we went to the experiment room. It was so fun, it was like a playground that was in the future. One hour later, we went into the power hall where they had a water wheel and a steam train. Smoke was everywhere, it was so hot! After that we went to the air and space hall and there was a teddy flying a plane!!! Later, we got a tram back to Piccadilly and got a train back home. On the train we all got 3 chocolate balls.

My favourite part was seeing the teddy flying the plane. I thought the most interesting part was learning about the dynamo.

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