Our Trip to MoSI by Luca

Written by Mrs Broadley

Yesterday, we walked down to New Mills train station and we got a big huge train to Manchester Piccadilly train station. Then we walked down some stairs and a broken escalator to get a bumpy tram ride to Deansgate. We walked down the noisy, busy path and road to MoSI.

In MoSI, we went up the long tiring staircase. Then we went to Circuit City where we learned about dynamos. We powered a bike which powered a dynamo which powered a radio hat. Then we powered a meter to see how much electricity we had. We made 150W, not much. Then Lily put a wig on, it was curly – she looked like Einstein. We pedalled a bit more and it turned a hair dryer on. It blew the wig like mad! Then we tested conductors and insulators – copper, cotton and rubber. The best conductor was rubber. We put a belt on Mrs Broadley and the earth wire was not connected so she got an electric shock.

Then we had some yummy lunch. We walked to the experiement room and I went on the water ball and the sun ball. I liked the coloured bubbles the best, they were very majestic. We walked down to the power hall and talked about some cool engines and saw some trains and steam engines. We walked out and to the museum of planes and vehicles. We looked at the vehicles and had a picture. Then we went home on the train and we had some chocolate!

My favourite part was when Mrs Broadley got electrocuted. I thought the most interesting part was Circuit City.

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