Our Trip to MoSI by Lily

Written by Mrs Broadley

Yesterday, we when on the best, fab, cool, exciting trip of my history! Yes, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. MoSI is one of my favourite places!

First, we walked to New Town station. It was a very long walk but it was worth it. We caught the train to Piccadilly station. Oh boy, it was humungous!

The second we arrived at Piccadilly, I was amazed to see such a busy city. Not like little old New Mills! We set off to MoSI, but to get there in style we needed to take a tram! The tram had monkey bars which only a couple could reach and I was one! We got off the tram and walked to MoSI.

As soon as we got to the Museum of Science and Industry, I was so excited I sang for joy (Isla didn’t like it!). We went to Circuit City, it was brill! First we tested a radio hat. Luke K wore the hat, he says “it was hard like a lump of bedrock”.

Olivio O cycled and on the meter she only made 150W and a big machine can make 15,000,000 MW! That’s a lot! Following that, I was asked to be blown by a massive hair dryer. We tested which out of copper, rubber and cotton conducted electricity. Rubber was the best insulator and the conductor was the copper. How amazing science can be if you look from a different angle!

After that we had lunch, delicious! Next we went to the experiment lab and saw:

  • Shadow puppets,
  • Colour mixing,
  • Water friction ball,
  • Lift up a mini,
  • Sound beams,

And loads more!

Next we went to the steam hall, that was my favourite part. There was a man who was surrounded by steam! Then we went straight to the air and space hall.

Then we went home (on and by the way, I got chocolate on the train!!)


  1. jessica

    That sounds amazing – I love that MOSI

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