Our Trip to London!

Written by Mrs Williams

Each child who came to London wrote about one part of their day. Here are their reports…

We boarded the bus and waded up to the top of the bus. We sat down on seats of perfect red and blue and waited for the bus to start moving. As we started moving we noticed lots of strange buildings. There were lots of different types of buildings – tall ones, small ones and round ones galore. My favourite building was a hotel made entirely of glass! Finally our journey came to an end. We stepped off the bus and went on our way.          By Daniel

Trafalgar Square was our first stop in London after Euston station. In the centre there was Nelson’s Column guarded by four lions. After we looked round it and sat on the rim of one of the fountains and had our picture taken, we sat down to eat our lunch. When we had eaten our lunch we went to the Art Gallery.                                    By Henry

After Trafalgar Square we went to the National Art Gallery. Once we got inside we went looking for the room with this year’s Take One picture in. It was called ‘A Roman Triumph’. We took a picture of us with the painting and went to see last year’s painting too. Once we had seen ‘Mr & Mrs Andrews’ we looked at other paintings by the same artist. We then looked at previous Take One Picture paintings. As we left we looked at other paintings. When we got outside we walked towards Buckingham Palace.                             By Mia

We walked a little way down The Mall which was very busy. It was lined with Union Flags and London taxis. We could see Buckingham Palace in the distance but didn’t have time to walk all the way to it. Mrs Williams took a photograph looking between the rows of trees. The Palace is where the Queen has her office and receives important visitors.              By Ben

Horse Guard Parade is a big building in Central London built in about 1750. There is a big parade ground called Horse Guard’s Parade in front. Tournaments were held there in the time of Henry VIII. It was once the headquarters of the British Army (but is now offices). Only the monarch is allowed to drive through the archways. We saw the soldier march to the gate where it stood statue still. We also saw the men on horses. Some people stroked them (but we didn’t).                                                                                             By Isobel B

Whilst we were in London, we visited Downing Street. It was really cool; we saw Chuck Norris coming out of Downing Street. It was really posh. We all spoke to the policemen – they were very kind.                                                                              By Suzi

We went to lots of famous buildings at London. The Shard was my favourite building because we took a picture with it coming out of my head. The Shard is the UK’s tallest building. The height is 306m and it has 72 floors. It is between Big Ben and the London Eye.    By Iwan

Next we plodded across the Olympics space ending at a square of grass with lots of grand statues round it with familiar names. There was Churchill, Ghandhi, Nelson Mandela and many more. On the steps we had a rest and a chat for a while. Then we visited all of the statues and just after we finished looking at all of them, the weather began to change drastically; it started to absolutely lash it down…so we began to run!               By Isobel L

When we went into the House of Commons the first thing that we spotted was all the seats were green and when they talk they use microphones hanging off the ceiling. The people were all dressed very smartly and hardly moved at all. Then we spotted some people were on their phones! I think they have notes about the debate on them. The debate was about Wales. There was a massive chair in the centre of the room behind a man in a wig. There were people above the MPs and it was set out like a theatre. When they were talking…we didn’t have a clue what they were saying! We came out and had to go down hundreds of stairs.       By Jessica

When we went to the House of Lords, there was a huge doorway with three lords on the top. We went up the spiral staircase then we went into a room where there was a big glass wall where you could look down and see members of the Lords having a debate. There were also three TVs so you could see who was talking. The House of Lords is a big grand room. It had red seats and once every year the Queen visits and sits in a golden seat at the head of the room and she makes a speech at the start of the opening of Parliament.              By Ollie

Next we did a workshop all about campaigning. First of all we got out into two teams. After that we chose our team leaders, my team’s was Suzi and the other team’s was Daniel. Then we learnt about different representatives; there is your local representative, your district, your national and your European. Mia got chosen to pretend to be the local representative, Iwan was the district one, Henry was the national and Jessica was the European. After that we looked at some campaigning ideas and we chose three that we thought were the best. Some of the ideas were to talk to your local MP, petitioning and campaigning by handing out flyers and talking to people. Finally we asked our local MP (Member of Parliament), Andrew Bingham, some questions about his job.                                                                               By Poppy

On our way to Euston station, to make the journey quicker, we jumped on the tube – which is also known as the underground. The tube is a bit like a train that goes underground. When we got on it was absolutely packed with other people. We were crammed together at one end of the tube. Then, all of a sudden and without warning, it shot off, like a bullet. The whole ride was bumpy. You had to make sure you were holding on because when it stopped, you never knew when it was going to shoot off again!                                            By Erin

We left Euston Square underground station and walked to Euston train station. Our train was waiting for us on Platform 6. We found carriage E and all sat down in our seats. Miss Whetstone had called at a shop and bought us all our tea; we could have chosen a sausage roll or a pasty. The train left Euston and we began our journey home. I think we were all quite tired after our very long and busy day. During the journey, Miss Whetstone took some of us to the train shop where we could get a drink and a snack. We passed the time by playing cards and reading. We arrived back at Stockport station at 8:45pm where we were picked up by Mr Williams and some parents.                                                By Connor



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