Our pet has arrived!!

Written by Mrs Williams

The Summer Term began in a very exciting way with the introduction of our new school pet! The tortoise, still to be named, made its first public appearance in assembly. She was completely unfazed by all the attention Рin fact, she was as intrigued as the children!

The wall behind her vivarium has lots of space for pictures and research about Mediterranean tortoises (she is a Hermann Tortoise). If anyone wants to contribute to this display please¬†take your work to Mrs Williams in Year 5 who will happily put it up for you. Think about the Geography (where in the world is their natural habitat), Science (all about reptiles and their natural habitats) and Art (look carefully at the pattern of a tortoise shell)…some ideas to start you off!

Each child in school had a vote for the tortoise’s name. Our pet is called Sparky!


  1. Lucy.rowland

    Soooooooo cute! When will Year 5 feed Sparky?

  2. Jordan kacher

    I’m so excited about it!

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