Our home in the Cook Islands ????????

Written by Lily Agombar

Hi, it’s Lily. My favourite room is the balcony, it’s breezy there are no mosquitos & you have a sea view; oh and not forgetting the hammock! There are nets on our beds to keep out the bugs. There is no glass in the windows and when it is stormy we shut the shutters to keep out the rain & wind. There are coconuts & chickens in the garden and two cats. There is no electricity or WiFi or phones and no hot water. We use rain water and wash in the sea which is really warm !!
Wednesday 13th December


  1. Mrs Williams

    Eeek! The spider is the first creature you’ve mentioned that I’m not so keen to hear about!! Mrs Williams x

  2. Lily Agombar (author)

    Hi Mrs Williams, I do feel like Maia and I finished ‘Journey to the ri….’ on the first flight!
    P.S Big spider in bath room I’ll show you a photo of it online when back

  3. Miss Whetstone

    It looks wonderful. I am really looking forward to hearing lots of stories when you get back.

  4. Mrs Williams

    It looks fabulous. Do you feel like Maia in ‘Journey to the River Sea’?

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