NMPS Lego Day

Written by Mrs Williams

WOW! The pupils of New Mills Primary School were treated to an amazing experience today! Every child in the school contributed towards our Lego Olympic village! We began with a completely blank stage and by the end of the afternoon, we had diving boards, trampolines, a medal ceremony, an equestrian centre, a stadium, a train, an opening ceremony, house after house for the athletes, a cricket pavilion, an airport, a boxing ring, and so much more! It was just fantastic!

Many thanks to the School Council for raising funds towards the day and to the PTA for providing some much needed cool refreshments at the end of a very hot day! Thanks to the older pupils for working so wonderfully with the younger ones and for the adults who supervised the hall all day, taking photographs and checking the children all had someone to work with.

Thanks also go to the kitchen staff for providing a picnic lunch so that we could all eat outside and leave the lego in the hall. The weather was glorious too!

Take a look at the photos and see the village being built! 

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