New Mills Primary School’s China Day

Written by Mrs Williams

With many wearing Chinese-inspired clothing, our special day began with the entire school meeting in the hall to raise the Chinese flag and play the Chinese National Anthem. Miss Whetstone read out a news bulletin of news from worldwide as well as news for the school.

At breaktime the children once again came together, this time in the Key Stage 2 playground. They exercised to music instead of playing, led brilliantly by some of our Year 6 children.

Before gathering for the Chinese Banquet at lunchtime, the children all brought their own Terracotta Warrior for our very own army, into the hall where they were arranged on the stage.

The afternoon was spent in a variety of ways. Year 5 and 6 practised using chopsticks to move beansprouts from one pile to another before learning about the tradition of Yee Sang where the people celebrate Chinese New Year by tossing shredded vegetables into the air with chopsticks. The higher the food is tossed, the greater the luck, health and prosperity that the people will receive during that coming year.

It made a real mess but we had a great time trying out this tradition!


  1. Hazel

    I loved China day,the chopsticks were so tricky.

  2. Charlotte Y6

    I had so much fun! It was cool seeing everyone’s outfits!

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