New Mills Primary School Visit ADP as part of New Mills Festival

Written by Mrs Williams

On Wednesday 21st September, the pupils of New Mills Primary School took to the streets of New Mills to follow some sections of the Art Trail which is organised as part of the New Mills Festival.

Their destination was the Aftermath Dislocation Principle located on the car park behind Focal Design. It features a post-riot landscape created in miniature by acclaimed artist, Jimmy Cauty (Year 3 met him when they visited in the afternoon!). Following the ADP’s critically-acclaimed appearance at Banksy’s Dismaland last summer, the installation has taken to the road, re-housed in a specially converted shipping container, which will open its peep-holes to viewers across the UK, at sites of historic riots.

The children and staff were amazed at what they saw and each class came back to school buzzing with excitement. There are plans to use the experience to enhance the children’s writing and even to recreate the model on a smaller scale (in a shoebox)!

The container is here in New Mills until Sunday when it will continue its road-trip of Britain.




  1. Klaudia y5

    The model was very cool

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